Violence in the Mass Media

February 21, 2008 dcraft0801

General Reference Source:  1. CNN  This source contains information on violence in the media, from a negative perspective.  In this article, President Bill Clinton and others believe most of youth violence is due to images in the media. 

General Reference Source:  2. National Institute on Media and the Family  This website informs you on how much violence a child will witness before they are even eighteen.  It also states how media violence affects children behavior.

Opinion Piece:  3. Media Awareness Network   This article gives you two point of views on media violence.  On one side, people blame mass media violence for real-life violence, and want to censor violent images from children.  On the other hand, there are people who believe violence in society isn’t due to media violence.

General Reference Source:  4. Common Sense Media  This website is great for finding information on the studies that have been conducted on violence in the mass media.  Some studies have shown that increased aggression occurs from media violence.

General Reference Source:  5. Live Science  This source explains how important it is for kids to spend more time outisde rather than watching TV.  It believes this, because a study has shown that kids who spend time with family and less time watching television, are less likely to become bullies. 

General Reference Source:  6. Psychology Matters  In this piece of information, the National Institute of Mental Health lists many effects of exposure to violence on television.  One effect would be children could become more afraid of the world in front of them.  Another effect would be children might not care about the sufferings of others.

General Reference Source:  7. National Clearinghouse on Family Violence  This website is great for parents who want to know what they can do to prevent their children from watching violence on television.  On example for parents would be to set some ground rules to reduce the amount of violence their children watch on TV.

General Reference Source:  8.  WebMD  On WebMD, you will find information on how media violence may affect nonviolent children mentally, and turn them more aggressive.  Its states that even if children don’t have a link to being aggressive, they can turn aggressive by watching violent images.

General Reference Source:  9. iParenting  This article gives you another point on media violence.  Dr. Viteritti states that “Research does not suggest that watching violence increases violent behavior, but it does suggest that some kids are at risk of translating what they see into behavior.” 

Opinion Piece:  10. Cartoon Picture  This picture is an opinion on media violence.  This artist believes that what you see on TV, you will reinact it later in life.  Or in other words, he believes that violence in the media does affect people and turn them more aggressive.

Opinion Piece:  11. Cartoon Picture  This artist is trying to portray that violence on television is more likely to affect children that adults.  He believes that violence on television should be reduced.

General Reference Source:  12. National Center for Children Exposed to Violence  This website gives you some great percentages on how much time children spend watching TV.  It states that television alone causes 10% of children violence.  It also tells you that the normal 18 year old will have witnessed 200,000 acts of violence on TV.

General Reference Source:  13.  This is one of the most interesting articles we found on media violence, because it gives you many facts and statistics.  One intriguing fact that we discovered, was the most watched television show for kids between ages 9-12 is ABC’s Desperate Housewives.

Primary Source:  14. Goliath  This website is a speech by Mayor Bart Peterson, when he was becoming the NLC president.  Located at the bottom of the article or towards the end of his speech, Mr. Peterson states that he would like to help solve the problem of media violence.  He goes on to say, that many cities in our country are being affected by media violence.

Primary Source:  15. Game Politics  This article contains an interview with L. Rowell Huesmann and Brad Bushman on the linking between media violence and aggressive behavior with children.  L. Rowell Huesmann states at the end of his interview that their are many factors that lead to aggressive behavior in children, not just violence in the media.


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